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Michelle M. Murray is an experienced divorce laywer.

Going through a divorce is never easy and finding an experienced lawyer who can successfully handle your case is important for your future. Divorce is a complex area of law and several factors will need to be considered in each individual case. What worked for a friend or family member may not work for you. You need an attorney who is experienced in the field of divorce and will aggressively pursue your best interests.

Attorney Michelle M. Murray

This is always a stressful and sometimes scary situation. You need to know your rights and responsibilities. Even if you and your spouse seem to agree on everything, it’s important to know what you are getting and what you are giving up. You need an advocate who can be aggressive and more importantly an advocate who understands not only the legal system, but the emotional toll a divorce takes on the whole family.

The rules of divorce are complicated and many factors are taken into consideration by the court when determining the final outcome. I can help you understand those factors and help you to emphasize the good while minimizing the bad. Let me help you navigate through this difficult period to reach the outcome you desire.

Massachusetts is what is called an “equitable” state, which means that when your property and assets are split, the division must be fair, but not necessarily equal. I can help you get what’s fair. Did you own property before your marriage?

Would it be fair to have to share that property in your divorce? Did you spend years working and saving while your spouse cheated? Did you stay at home for years, taking care of your family? There are many factors that go into determining what is “fair” and “equitable”. I can explore those factors with you and present your case in the best light possible.

Custody laws are complicated and a determination of who gets custody of a child is based in large part on the child’s best interests. These days, the Courts are leaning toward shared custody in many cases. Is that in your child’s best interests? Or, is your child’s other parent a danger to your child? A bad parent?

Let me help you get that information to the judge so you can protect your child. Your child’s welfare and happiness are key factors in determining custody. I can help you fight for your child.

Practice Areas

From the divorce itself to planning for support and asset division, you will want an experienced legal team to help you avoid mistakes and protect your future.
Child Custody
When parents cannot agree, you can look to the family court system in Massachusetts to put a custody and visitation order in place that reflects the child’s best interests.
Child Support
Whether a parent has physical custody of a child, visitation or is estranged, support must be maintained so that a child can have an economically stable life.
You may be eligible for a change in child custody or visitation and parenting time if there is a significant change in circumstances since the last court order.
As a trained mediator and an actively practicing divorce attorney, Attorney Michelle M. Murray helps guide clients to a fair and reasonable agreement.

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